"A humanist photographer, with travel embedded in her soul, Celine Jentzsch invites you on an artistic journey around the globe.

For more than 15 years, she has explored the world with respect, sensitivity and gratitude.

From distant and mysterious Asia, to enigmatic Africa and throughout Europe, she has sought to capture emotions in the manner of a painter and colourist.

On occasion, she flirts with the abstract, where her talent as a painter enables a delicate approach.

Possessing more than just a sensitive eye, her sense of empathy ensures that each of her encounters with the local population remains a true cultural and artistic exchange."

(Françoise Sagon)

"COMBINING" the art of travel and travel in the photographic art

Trying to introduce myself in a few lines is a non-photographic "proof"!

But I will try to take up the challenge. Indeed, like my fellow photographers, it is always difficult to grasp the sinuous and nevertheless intelligible path that leads to this passion that has been mine for several years now.

I could compare this journey to a kind of puzzle where each piece fits together perfectly, if we pay attention to it and observe it patiently: the first piece, since I need one, is the painting I practiced as a teenager and offered me a taste for aesthetics, the notion of framing and sensitivity to everything visual; then later my university studies in foreign languages which opened me to other cultures and finally, my professional career in the aviation sector which gave me the inclination to travel.

In fact, it was quite late, in 2004, that the Voyage took a capital letter with the discovery of Malaysia alone, which was for me the learning of observation to let myself be immersed in a universe by feeling the particular atmospheres, before "capturing" them and fixing them on film.

Going beyond the Arctic Circle on a trip to Norway to admire the Northern Lights, I was fascinated by this special light and bewitched by the purity of the vast snow-covered spaces. After having travelled through about twenty countries, it is the meeting with the Far North and two trips to Siberia in winter. Since then, I have been travelling the world with a camera as my faithful companion, in the hope of capturing certain emotions and immortalizing moments of life.

And the bet is successful with this travel-photographer, as these two concepts are so closely linked for Celine Jentzsch. Sheis looking for imagesthat resemble her, soft, contemplative and full of sensitivity that she translates into images that are both strong and touching. Herrelationship with others, and particularly with the local populations shemet during hertravels, is built around respect for others and empathy, which is why herimages always emanate a profoundly humanistic dimension.

Her work, regularly exhibited, always achieves a deserved success. She received the Polka prize at an exhibition in Strasbourg on life around Lake Baikal and was also asked to act as a photo juryat fairs and competitions organised by the French Federation of Photography. In 2014, Celine joined the travel agency Photographes du Mondeas a photo guide in Mongolia and Siberiaand published in 2015 a book "Les Secrets de la photo de voyage" at Editions Eyrolles. In 2016, she received first prize in the category “Man in Nature” at the Maria Luisa Memorial International Competition (Spain) as well as a gold medal at the Trierenberg Super Circuit Competition (Austria) in the Travel Photo category and a silver medal at the OASIS Competition (Italy) in the People and Populations category.

Represented by the magazine Le Monde la Photo as part of the Zooms (Paris Photo Fair), she received the Public Prize in September 2017, with her series "Auprès de mon renne, un hiver chez les Tsaatans" (“Beside my reindeers, a winter with the Tsaatans”).

One piece after another, one journey after another, encounters, discoveries, thus is built this vocation that makes this photographer a "passer" of message, who knows how to "unite" the soul of the traveller and that of the artist.

Interview by Françoise SAGON / Correspondent of the newspaper l'Alsace and member of SLPLP (Saint-Louis for the photo)

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Books (in French)

2012 : "Créez vos livres photo avec Lightroom", Editions Eyrolles (Co-author with Gilles Théophile)
2015 : "Les Secrets de la photo de voyage", Editions Eyrolles (Author)

Articles (in French)

2011 : "Créer une galerie photo", Magazine le Monde de la Photo
2011 : "Photos et sac à dos", Magazine le Monde de la Photo
2012 : "Lac Baïkal", France Photographie (French Federation of Photography)
2012 : "Créer ses livres photos avec Lightroom", Magazine le Monde de la Photo
2012 : "Livre Photo, mes premières impressions",  Magazine Workflow
2013 : Interview in the magazine Le Monde de la Photo, special issue Lightroom 5
2013 : Complete Iconography of the book «Lightroom 5 par la pratique », Editions Eyrolles (Author Gilles Theophile)
2014 : "Photos et sac à dos", Magazine Country & Hotels
2015 : "La Mongolie", Magazine Country & Hotels
2015 : Complete Iconography of the book «Lightroom 6 par la pratique », Editions Eyrolles (Author Gilles Theophile)
2015 : "Mondon et son traineau sur le lac Khövsgöl", double page in Géo Magazine
2016 : "Jour de fête sur le Khövsgöl", Magazine Bout du Monde number 26


2017: Honourable Mention at the Life Framer Competition, "World Travelers" category, Jury Steve McCurry, (United States).

2017: Public Prize in the context of the Les Zooms competition, Salon de la Photo de Paris (France).

2016: Finalist in the HIPA competition (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

2016: Silver medal at the OASIS competition (Population category, Italy)

2016: Gold medal at the Trierenberg Super Circuit competition (travel photo category, Austria)

2016 : First prize at the Maria Luisa Memorial International Competition (Man in Nature category, Spain)

2014: Polka Prize at the RDVI photo fair "Life around Lake Baikal" (Strasbourg, France)

Guide during photo trips

2014-2018 : Photographer guide in Mongolie and Siberia for the agency "Photographes de Monde", Paris, France

Group exhibition

2014-2018: Photographer Guide in Mongolia for the agency Photographes du Monde

2011: Man in nature, Petite Camargue, Village Neuf, France

2011: Rice harvest in Kerala and Kerala laundries, Didenheim Photo Fair, France

2012: The train, Ecole supérieure des Arts, Mulhouse, France

2012: Floral abstractions, Zonta International Exhibition, Hong Kong,

2012: Life around Lake Baikal, Photographic encounters of the three borders, Huningue, France

2013: Burkina Faso, Rencontres photographiques des 3 frontières, Huningue, France (Guest Olivier Föllmi)

2013: Siberian Abstraction, Essences of Art, Saint-Louis, France

2014 : Life around Lake Baikal, RDVI Exhibition, Strasbourg, France

2014: Magic Ice at Lake Baikal, Salon Nature, Barr, France

2015: Magic Ice at Lake Baikal, Salon Image et Neiges, Cluse, France

2015: 100% of Pashmina, Kashmir, Galerie Danzas, Saint-Louis, France

2015 : Saffron of Kashmir, Salon de la photo, Riedisheim, France

2015: Mondon and its sled on Lake Khövsgöl, Montier en Der, France

2016: Colors of the world, Festival photo Photostéracien77 in Oissery, France (Guest Véronique Durruty)

2016 : Lake Khövsgöl, Travel Festival in Aubonne, Switzerland

2016: Khövsgöl Lake Ice Festival, Festival Photo Moncoutant, France (REZA Guest)

2017: Guest of honour: Poto Festival la Focale, Soultz, France " Ice Festival at Lake Khövsgöl and a winter at the Tsaatans ".

2017: Ice Festival exhibition in the restaurant La Yourte in Bellevue, Switzerland

Solo Exhibition

2014 : The Super Constellation. Air show at Basel-Mulhouse Airport, Switzerland

2014 : Saffron of Kashmir, Relais Culturel, Thann, France

2015 : Photographic abstractions, Cultural Relay, Thann, France

2015 : Lake Khövsgöl, Galerie Vincent Hilaire, Paris, France

2017: Ice festival on Lake Khövsgöl. Outdoor exhibition in Perros-Guirec, Brittany, France

2017: "Landscapes", SwissArtSpace Gallery, Lausanne

2018 : Private Gallery, EVANA Gallery  in Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Photo competition as Jury

2011: Jury at the Colombier Fontaine photo fair competition (France)

2012: Jury at the national Black and White competition, French Federation of Photography (Mulhouse, France)