"A moment of voyage or an artistic escapades all around the world"

"Céline Jentzsch, a photographer-traveller, invites us on a fabulous journey to the heart of the image.
Carried by a fascinating commentary and underlined by poetic music, her conference invites us to meet other cultures. Céline captures the magic of the moment and translates into emotions the encounters with humans in the noblest sense of the word.
Whether her camera explores Siberia, the Sultanate of Oman, India, Nepal, or more particularly Mongolia dear to her heart, it is the extension of her humanistic vision and her feminine sensitivity that she passionately shares with the audience ".

  • Duration of the event : 1h30
  • Required equipment: A projection screen with audio output (via HDMI), a microphone.
  • The photographer is available at the end of the conference for a signing session (Author of the book " Les secrets de la photo de voyage ", Editions Eyrolles and other products available).
  • A photographic exhibition can be organized in parallel to the Conference (rates on request).